St. Paul Lutheran School

Silent Auction Rooms

Where to Start?

Each year the Silent Auction Rooms, are themed and filled to the brim with donations! Rooms will begin closing a bit earlier this year, so be sure you get there early!

Secret Bid Boxes!

We will have Secret Bid Boxes in ALL of the Silent Auction rooms again this year. If you don’t feel like checking in on those “must-have” items that you are keeping your eye on, you can simply fill out a Secret Bid sheet with the amount that you would like to spend & move on. This will also enable our hard working volunteers a chance to bid on an item while they are busy working.

  • Fill out the blank bid sheet provided next to the Secret Bid Box in the classroom.
  • Be sure to include your Name, Bid #, Item #, and Your Bid Amount.
  • Place the sheet in the box.
  • If your bid amount on the secret bid sheet is higher than the price on the sheet on the table (and any other Secret Bids), you win the item.
  • If there happens to be a tie, we will locate both bidders in the gym and give you a new blank bid sheet to fill out. You then have the option to write the same price or raise your bid. You must be present to bid in case of a tie.