Class Displays

The items filling the Class Displays are donated by the students and their families. This is intended to allow the students to become even more involved in the major fundraiser for their school. The Class Displays will be auctioned in the order listed with the Live Auction items. Take a look at these great displays before the auction begins. A complete list of the display contents will be on your table the night of the auction for your convenience.

The Displays are in keeping with our “May the Fourth Be With You” theme.  Because the displays are assembled the day before the auction, we can’t provide pictures or content lists for you on the website, but here is a list of the planned displays. Can you imagine what other-worldly things might be found within?

Class Theme Star Wars Quote
Preschool Nursery
Kindergarten Outdoor Patio/BBQ
1st Grade Garden and Potting Bench You will find only what you plant. Truly wonderful is the mind of a child.
2nd Grade Kitchen Island May the FORK be with you
3rd Grade Little Jedi Den
4th Grade Back yard BBQ “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”–Yoda
5th Grade Laundry Room The laundry can take over the empire
6th Grade A Night to Remember “I have a bad feeling about this…”
7th Grade
8th Grade Family Room/ Game Room “When gone we are, the last of the Giants you will be, the Force runs strong in the St. Paul Family, pass on what you have learned.”

*List subject to change

Here’s a glimpse at the class displays from last year: