Master Magician D.J. Edwards Entertainment

Donor: Daniel and Rose Edwards

Experience a “Vacation” From Reality with Master Magician D.J. Edwards!

D.J. has spent the last 24 years specializing in creating beautiful, UNFORGETTABLE, memories for people that only want the very best for their meetings. If you are an event coordinator, city planner, CEO or the secretary responsible for making the calls, you know that your “plate is already full”. PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE and leave the entertainment up to a seasoned professional, and one of the very best in the field.
This certificate includes the Base Stand Up Show:
You may choose 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes. With this show, D.J. works out of one roll on “suitcase table” with props he can “pack small-play big”. This is a great option for venues with limited loading/unloading access, or smaller performance areas. It still gives the audience a great feel and can easily be seen by several hundred people. It is truly a great show!  (Winner is responsible for any necessary travel/lodging/meals)