Donated by:  Julie Powers

What is this?!  Be part of the Healthy Living Revolution!  You and your guests will learn how to prepare a delicious, healthy (“clean”) meal by participating in the preparation as a group activity.  During the prep time, you will be instructed by Julie Powers in her kitchen (so no need to clean your house!).  All the meal ingredients will be provided, along with wines selected for the meal pairing (and during prep time if you are so inclined), and of course fun background music*.  When the meal is complete, everyone will dine together around Julie’s table.  This party will be for a maximum of six guests.  Make it a Girls Night Out, a Special Occasion Celebration or a Couples Activity.  (You may also opt for a kids event – ages 10+ – without the wine, of course.  Kids event would be for four children and 1-2 Supervising Adults.)  The winning bidder will select the entree and sides from a suggested menu.  See the free recipe book at for some recommendations.  Each guest will need to bring an apron, an appetite and a good attitude.  Party must be used before March 1, 2018 at a mutually convenient time.  (Calendar is already filling up, please book date ASAP!)
*Music may cause dancing.  Dancing is optional, but certainly welcome and encouraged at any time in Julie’s home.