Donated by:  Farmington Fire Department

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a day as a real fireman stationed at the Farmington Fire Department.  Your ‘Firefighter for a Day” adventure will start when you arrive at the Farmington Fire Department at 8:00 AM.  During your first day as a Firefighter, you will be assigned to Firefighter/Paramedic Eli Grimwood.  He will guide you through your day’s activities.  The day will start with a hearty breakfast so show up hungry!  After breakfast, Firefighter Grimwood will spend the mornign giving you an in-depth tour of the Farmington Department House, Fire Apparatus, and Specialty Tools and Equipment.  You will learn about all of the experiences firefighters perform when they are not responding to calls for service.  These activities will take you up to lunch time at which time you will be provided a healthy lunch that you will enjoy with the Duty Crew of the day.  After lunch you will start your first day training to be a firefighter.  Your afternoon will be spent at the four-story training tower where Firefighter Grimwood is going to train you to become a firefighter, so show up rested because you have a lot to learn.  Your first day will end at 4:00 PM, after having a meeting with Fire Chief Todd Mecey to discuss your first day as a firefighter.  The Farmington Fire Department and the International Association of Firefighters Local #3705 ask that if this package is purchased for a young child, that they be accompanied by an adult during the entire day.  Transportation to and from the Training Tower (located in Farmington) will need to be provided by the responsible party.  A shirt size for our new recruit and a minimum of two weeks’ notice are requested.  Expires May 1, 2018.