One Simple Change Basket

getting healthyDonated by Ms. Joy Boyer, Dr. Brett & Stacy Dickinson, Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hurst, Ms. Kristie Jones, & Julie Powers

Get fit and healthy in 2016.  Make 2016 your year to feel and look great with this One Simple Change Basket.  One Simple Change has Four Core Standards.
Move More
Eat Real Food
Drink More Water
Sleep Moe / Stress Less
To accomplish each of the four core basics of “One Simple Change”, this basket includes items to help you achieve each core basic.  These items are:
Fitbit Flex Instruction and One Hour Zumba Instruction
Liberty Blueberry Farm $30 Gift Card for fresh or frozen blueberries, One bottle locally-made blueberry wine, Two loaves home-made blueberry bread
Free one-month water cooler rental and four 5-gallon jugs reverse-osmosis purified water from Culligan
doTERRA Essential Oils one petal diffuser, one 15ml bottle of lavender, one 15ml bottle of Serenity, one 10ml roller bottle Hibernation Blend.
So start with one simple change:  Move more, Eat real food, Drink more water and sleep more/ stress less in 2016.  You won’t believe the difference one simple change can make in your life.

One Hour Tai Chi Seminar for 10 People

0011Donated by Farmington Marital Arts

Learn Several Easy Stress Reduction Exercises.  Increase Focus and Concentration.  Easy, non-impact and fun movements mean Everyone can Participate!   Tai Chi has been used by millions of people to reduce stress, improve their balance and reduce fall risk, reduce the effects of stroke and COPD, and lower blood pressure and anxiety.  Experience it yourself!  To be scheduled at Farmington Martial Arts or your business location at a mutually established day and time.  Expires 5-31-2017