Silent Auction Rooms

Where to Start?

Each year the Silent Auction Rooms, are themed and filled to the brim with donations! A map is posted here to help you find your way around and get acquainted with the rooms. Rooms will begin closing a bit earlier this year, so be sure you get there early!



The Silent Auction Rooms –

1000 – Bakery (Closes at 6:15)
2000 – Dynasty (Closes at 6:10)
3000 – Heirlooms (Closes at 6:05)
4000 – Empress (Closes at 6:00)
5000 – Emperor (Closes at 5:55)
6000 – Heritage (Closes at 5:50)
7000 – Chop Suey (Closes at 5:45)
8000 – Culture (Closes at 5:40)
9000 – Extra Blessings (Closes at 5:35)


Secret Bid Boxes!

We will have Secret Bid Boxes in ALL of the Silent Auction rooms again this year. If you don’t feel like checking in on those “must-have” items that you are keeping your eye on, you can simply fill out a Secret Bid sheet with the amount that you would like to spend & move on. This will also enable our hard working volunteers a chance to bid on an item while they are busy working.

  • Fill out the blank bid sheet provided next to the Secret Bid Box in the classroom.
  • Be sure to include your Name, Bid #, Item #, and Your Bid Amount.
  • Place the sheet in the box.
  • If your bid amount on the secret bid sheet is higher than the price on the sheet on the table (and any other Secret Bids), you win the item.
  • If there happens to be a tie, we will locate both bidders in the gym and give you a new blank bid sheet to fill out. You then have the option to write the same price or raise your bid. You must be present to bid in case of a tie.