Halo Sound Sculpture EBAY Auction

Pantheon Steel Halo AG Live EBAY Auction

All proceeds benefit St. Paul Lutheran School!


EBAY Item #171772858493


Donated by Pantheon Steel, LLC

Last year, Pantheon generously donated not one, but TWO of these amazing signature drums to the St. Paul Auction.  This year, they are donating the proceeds from an online auction of one of their drums!  Now, EVERYONE in the world can bid on this stunning work of art and sound!

The Halo Sound Sculpture will be available on ebay the week of the auction and the ebay auction will close LIVE during our St. Paul Auction.  Interested bidders should be ready with the ebay app on their phone if attending the auction and we’ll watch the countdown and final flurry of bids live!

From the Pantheon Steel website:

The Halo is Pantheon Steel’s contribution to a new twenty-first century family of instruments and sound sculpture, descended from the steel pan, which we call the handpan.

Handpans are resonant steel instruments played by hand in the lap, designed to engage the body and mind of the player in a new way, marrying rhythm, melody, and harmony in a single flow. Rich in timbre and very expressive, and often with no “wrong” notes to play, handpans are made for free improvisation and meditative exploration. There as many styles of play as there are players.



Watch this video for more information and to hear the stunning music produced –