A Week at Kanakuk Kamp!

Donated by Kanakuk Kamps

Kanakuk Kamps, in Branson, Missouri, has generously donated one week of Kamp! 


This is a $1070 value certificate to be used toward a one, two, or four-week camp, and covers the $1070 cost of a one-week camp.  It can be used by a family who is new to the Kanaukuk experience, and may be used during Term 1 (5/30-6/6), Term 2 (6/6-6/13), Term 9 (7/25-8/1), or Term 10 (8/1-8/8).

(With special permission for the St. Paul Auction, it may also be used during Term 8, July 18-25, which is when the Blum, Mathes, and Wilkerson families are attending in 2015).

Now more than ever, kids need summer camp! Every day at Kanakuk boys and girls enjoy days filled with over 70 activities and sports including: waterslides, zip lines, blobbing, archery, rappelling, rock climbing and amazing theme parties.

Since 1926, Kanakuk has been the Christian summer camp for over 300,000 youth. As a world leader among Christian summer camps, Kanakuk provides children with fun, safe and professional outdoor youth camping experiences that grow them spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Our leadership programs, rigid hiring procedures, and low staff turn-over rates allow us to hire summer camp staff that are leaders in their schools, churches and communities.

Kids have a blast with friends their age while participating in over 70 summer camp activities, sports and amazing themed parties. Kids also love the Spiritual emphasis at Kanakuk! Included in tuition, each Kamper receives an age-specific year long devotional book for use at Kamp and at home.

Our summer camp staff includes over 1,800 dedicated, kid-loving, Christ-following, fun-producing college students. Full-time leadership staff train and prepare them in five areas: Readiness to serve in a Christ-like manner; Coaching skills and Kamper safety; Core Kanakuk philosophies; Activity based application of Biblical principles; Creating an uplifting, fun and encouraging environment.


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