Here at St. Paul Lutheran School our primary goal is to encourage students to grow academically and spiritually. Just like a tree must have strong roots for a firm foundation, the students of St. Paul need a strong spiritual foundation for life. Because many GIVE, our students are able to LIVE and GROW in Christ.

A special moment in the classroom.

A special moment in the classroom.

The St. Paul Lutheran School Annual Benefit Dinner and Auction is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year, providing the necessary funding to purchase items such as computer equipment, playground equipment, textbooks, specialty teachers’ salaries (reading resource, computer, art, and physical education), and continuing education for teachers, etc. With the remarkable donations and monetary sponsorships, as well as generous bidders, we were able to fund the items mentioned above plus technology for the students to use in the classroom.

We understand that budgets are lean, but we are prayerfully optimistic that the 2014 auction will be on your list in the new year. Our business donors receive valuable exposure before and after the event through pre-event promotions, auction web site listings and media announcements. During the auction itself, sponsors reach a target market (with discretionary income) of approximately 400 attendees and volunteers. This event has become one of St. Francois County’s premier social events, as well as one of the most successful fundraising events in the area.

The auction is scheduled for Saturday May 3, 2014 at St. Paul Lutheran School in Farmington, Missouri. This year’s theme is Give. Live. Grow.  Your continued support in St. Paul Lutheran School is greatly appreciated and heroic in our eyes. Please feel free to contact any auction committee member for information, or contact us personally for assistance. Thank you very much for your support!

Lisa Short & Michelle Gray, Chairpersons
Alycia Burgess & Bethany Sherrill, Co-Chairpersons